Chromecast Presentations: How To Chromecast Presentations Using Google Slide

Chromecast Presentations: How To Use Chromecast Setup For Presentations Using Google Slide.

Have you ever done a presentation that failed due to a poor presentation? That will now be a thing of the past as I introduce you to how you can do presentation Google Slides and show the same presentation with Chromecast.Chromecast Presentations

Yes! It is possible to use Chromecast to cast your presentation.

Chromecast Presentations – How it works.

To get this done, simply install a Google extension called Google cast on your Chrome Browser.

To ensure smooth run, use the same Wi-Fi connection for both Chromecast and your device.

With that done, move on to your presentation and choose Chromecast from the list of arrow drop-down.

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With that done, it will be easier to Tell those stories that matter while presenting.