Gmail Drive: Gmail Google Drive, Get Your Gmail Drive Login Here

Gmail Drive: Gmail Google Drive, Get Your Gmail Drive Login Here

Gmail Drive is another great ‘add-on’ that provides Shell Namespace Extension for all Google Email users, this extension has the ability to creating a virtual file system for an extended storage means for your Gmail.Gmail Drive

Gmail Drive provides all Gmail users with free 6000 Megabyte of storage space to house and saves those vital files that default storage space for Gmail account cannot hold.

It is just like Google Drive just that it provides users the advantage of copying files to Google Mail account and then extracts the files from the folders and have them attached to emails for sending.

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More Features Of Gmail Drive

Users can connect Gmail Drive to their Gmail account and use the files in there as an attachment to emails.

It can serve as a backup option for files that default Gmail storage cannot handle.

it is a multi-Lingual support program.

It can integrate easily with all windows version.

Gmail Drive allows users to create a virtual file system with which they can save as extract files from their Google account.

All users are given a large storage space (6000 megabytes) to store their choice of data.

This invention from Google developers is a free one.

How Gmail Drive Works

Each time you setup Gmail-Drive, a new drive is setup on your computer which you can find under My Computer folder. On it, users can add new folders and have files copied to them.

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Each time a file is added to the folders, an instant email is sent to users email account which can be found in the Inbox folder of their mail. The email contains the new file added to that folder under My Computer.

As it stands, Gmail-Drive acts like a storage virtual drive which comes with proxy server support and allows users to make a connection work providing it with username and password.

Click here to download.