www.facebook.com Login: FB or Facebook Login At Www.Facebook.Com Home

Www.Facebook.Com Login: FB or Facebook Login At Www.Facebook.Com Home: – Facebook.com needs no introduction because it has emerged as one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. It has Alexa ranking ranked www.facebook.com No. 2 on the list of most popular sites in the world.www.facebook.com

So this makes facebook.com very popular but despite this popularity rating, millions of people don’t know how to go complete www.facebook.com login.

That should not be an issue because this article will give you a walk around on how you can  take care of issues like; facebook sign up, facebook sign up new account free, facebook sign in, facebook create new account, facebook sign out and more.

Now I will want you to pay good attention to what I am about to show or tell you so you won’t be having issues with facebook sign up or facebook login anymore.

If you are new and don’t have a www.facebook.com account yet, you will need to have one now. Don’t worry as the gradual step by step process will guide you on how to sign up facebook.

If you follow the steps correctly, you will notice how cheap it is to set up and owning you own facebook account. So pay good attention.

Steps on how to create facebook account at www.faceboo.com.

Step 1

Go to the facebook official homepage at www.facebook.com to start the registration process.

Step 2

That will bring you to Facebook.com homepage dashboard, at the upper right-hand side of the dashboard you will see “Sign Up” button, simply click on the sign-up button or icon.

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Step 3

Enter your details like your first name, last name and other info as may be needed of you.

Step 4

Type in your email or phone number as your username correctly. Note that your email will serve as your username for your logging at any time in the future. So you must make sure that your username (email address) is entered correctly.

Step 5

Enter in your date of birth (day, month and year).

Step 6

Enter in your password correctly and ensure that you choose a password that you will always recall anytime any day. Pick up a password you would not forget because that is what you will be using to Login your facebook account.

Enter your phone number correctly because facebook might choose phone number verification.

Step 6

After typing in all your details correctly, click on the signup button to complete the process.

Step 7

Check your email or phone for a confirmation code which marks the completion of facebook sign up.

Congratulations!  You now own a facebook account where you can connect with friends.

Facebook Sign in at www.facebook.com.

Now I am going to show you how you are going access this new facebook account you just created.

Make sure you follow the steps below correctly.

Step 1: Visit the official Facebook homepage again.

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Step 2: on the official facebook home page you will see Facebook login.

Step 3: Type in your email address or phone number in the username space.

Step 4: Enter in that your personal password correctly.

Step 5: Click on the Facebook Login button and you will see your facebook account home page display.

You can now make updates, share photos, comment on friends posts, upload images and videos, meet those your old friends family member and client on FB.

Facebook serve you better any time any day.

Facebook log out at www.facebook.com.

When you are through on all you have to do on facebook, it is advisable you sign out to avoid wrong persons gaining access to your account.

To log out facebook, move your mouse to an arrow sign on the right-hand side of your page, click on the sign for a dropdown. On the drop-down list, look out for log out, click on it to complete your facebook logout.

Hope it helped?