Xbox One Mini Rumor Dismissed

Xbox One Mini Rumor Dismissed

You could recall some time early this month when the rumor was going on that Microsoft is ready to reveal the new tablet, fitness bands and Smartphone come October, and not just that, that the occasion will be used to reveal as well the long  awaited slimmer  Xbox One.Xbox One But against all the speculations that have been going on, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head do Xbox, cantered the rumour last night through his twitter handle, by making thing straight. He said that the long time rumour of smaller version of the console is “not real “ as speculated buy the rumour.

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It was latter made clear the Microsoft have decided to use the October event to  unveil to the general public the two new Lumia handsets, Thee surface Pro 4, and a Microsoft Band 2.

There are speculation from the Chinese tech site WPDang lately the new awaited Xbox One Mini world drop the ability to play Blu-rays, and not just that; that it would make it both quieter and smaller than the current model. The weight is expected to be about a third the size.

Spencer’s unequivocal comment makes it appear that not only will the console not see the light of day in October, but that Microsoft is not currently in the process of making a miniature version of its jumbo-sized home console. We look forward to see what will be on the table come October event.