Yahoo mail Mobile New Update: Get the New Mobile app Update now | Download Yahoo mail App

Yahoo mail Mobile New Update: Get the New Mobile app Update now | Download Yahoo mail App.

Yahoo mail Users can now sing a new song as the service rolls out new bells and whistles to spice up mobile users experience.

To download Yahoomail app, Click this link: Mail Mobile

“We know how important it is for you to be able to navigate your contacts effectively and share compelling emails with your friends, family and coworkers,” in the words of Josh Jacobson, director of product management at Yahoo. “So we’re bringing fresh new features to Yahoo Mail for iOS and Android.”

This Yahoo mail Mobile update will affect the iOS and Android app users.

New Features On Yahoo Mail Mobile.

These features are closing into those found on the desktop. They are well-liked to the desktop feature.

∴Like Preview On Yahoo Mail Mobile App.

The email recipient can now take a preview snapshot of webpage of the articles or webpages that they get in their inbox. It is reserved now for users to further increase preview card in the middle of the mail and sometimes below. There is still an option to share this links on social media of choice.

∴Stationary On Yahoo Mail Mobile App.

The new mail app now has arrays of stationeries designed for user’s selection. These stationary includes Floral Happy Birthday, and Thank You themes and more. Customizing your emails is as simple as tapping on the compose assist button on the app.

∴Share Button On Yahoo Mail Mobile App

This time around, by mere tapping on the share button, users can select share button icon of the social networks they choose to share contents with directly through the updated app.

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∴People Smart View On Yahoo Mail Mobile

The new Yahoo mail app come with new handy feature that allows Android users view all the persons they have previously had communication with. It is also easy to browse and edit this list.

∴New Animation On Yahoo Mail Mobile App.

Each time users try to erase or staring a message and hitting inbox zero, they now see new set of animations set in the app by default by

∴How To Sync Contact On The Yahoo Mail Mobile App.

There is now a new option that allows users sync their Android contacts with the new Yahoomail Mobile app. It comes handy when users run into a situation where they will need to use some of their phone contacts in the email.

Users can also opt to disable this feature if the need be.